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WTFIXO?2 mixtape


Image of  WTFIXO?2 mixtape

2. Ashes (kovax ft xtra overdoze)
3. For my niggas
4. Xcuses (HB the grizzly ft xtra overdoze)
5. Grind mode Bars at the BBQ
6. Murder every beat
7. Never Safe (EJ Prophet ft swag toof, twisted insane, xtra overdoze)
8. Beautiful creatures
9. Wicked homicide (Tommy James ft xtra overdoze)
10. Insomnia (Intrinzik ft xtra overdoze, young wicked)
11. Raw & Rugged
12. Grinde mode Choppers
13. Mind (IR8 ft xtra overdoze)
14. I get the beat
15. New era remix (lex the hex master ft kung fu vampire, xtra overdoze, playboy the beast, Donnie menace)
16. 66.6FM
17. Comatose (Daniel Dahmer ft xtra overdoze, boondox)
18. Holly father